The Statesman Journal Candidate Questionnaire:

Lloyd Marbet July 16, 1947
Pacific Green Party Candidate for Secretary of State

Caretaker, Citizen Activist, Program Manager for the Oregon Conservancy Foundation.

19142 SE Bakers Ferry Rd.
Boring, Oregon 97009
Home: (503) 637-3549, Work and Fax: (503) 637-6130

Public contact:
Home: 19142 SE Bakers Ferry Rd.,Boring, OR 97009
Campaign: PO Box 86740, Portland, OR 97286
Phone: (503) 771-7254
Fax: (503) 771-7254

  1. Prior political and government experience:
1966-1967 U.S. Navy. Long time Citizen Activist: Opposed Vietnam War. Opposed Pebble Springs Nuclear Plants, 1974-1982. Served on Citizens Utility Board, 1986-1994; Clackamas River Basin Council, 1996-2000. Directed ballot measure campaigns against Teledyne Wah Chang waste dump, Trojan Nuclear Plant, and Measures 24 & 79 restricting Initiative Process. Detailed resume:
  1. What is the most important background or experience that prepares you for this office?
All my prior political experience prepares me for this office. I have extensively testified before the Legislature and other state agencies. While not a lawyer, I have argued before the Oregon State Supreme Court and have been involved in a number of important court proceedings affecting the Secretary of State.
  1. What separates you from your opponent(s)? Why should the public vote for you?
I'm the only candidate with self imposed campaign finance restrictions. I accept no corporate contributions and each individual is limited to the total of a $1,000. To become Oregon's chief election officer, I believe campaign finance reform must start with me. I challenge all other candidates to do the same.
  1. What are the three most important issue that you would address if elected?

    1. I will help bring real campaign finance reform to Oregon and work to stop the corporatization of democracy. I will seek the implementation of legislation and administrative rules needed to accomplish this goal. I would start by requiring the full disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures on the Internet.

    3. The current county-based registration system disenfranchises voters who move between counties without updating their records. I would centralize and computerize all voter registration. "Inactive" voters are also being denied their constitutional right to sign petitions. Instead, their signatures and new addresses on petitions should be used to update their registration.

    5. Reapportionment should be a nonpartisan process with a nonpartisan result! I will ensure that political boundaries are drawn respecting the integrity of communities rather than gerrymandering districts to benefit Republicans or Democrats. In fact I am the best insurance policy for fairness that either of these political parties can offer.

  3. What do you see as other important issues?
Encouraging young people to exercise citizenship by voting and participating in government. Managing state owned lands with ecological stewardship while meeting the legal obligation to manage Trust Lands for the maximum long term benefit of public schools. Auditing government operations to ensure they are productive, cost effective, and environmentally sound.