Imagine that you are becoming the Green Party!
Young eagles are rising,
Stretched between the evils of two lessors,
Flexing their wings beginning to awkwardly fly
Approaching pedestals of power, reaching new heights
Once so far beyond, now just within a talons grasp of your birthright.
Yes the word's out, "these new eagles are coming", and
It's not going to be broadcast by corporate media monopolies who long ago
Abandoned their integrity for meagerly newsworthy enriching sensationalism;
Redundantly paltry views through the slick lens of announcers hired to host like sincerity
On behalf of moneychangers raping and pillaging in the backroom temples of biological demise.
My God, how these eagles can vibrantly grow!
sharpening the acuity of their vision while watching our moves
In their voracious appetite for the real thing and in case you haven't heard: "There's no substitute for the real thing!"
So keeping their cool, their eye's on the prey and I'll be damned, if there isn't a genetically political new deal becoming
That born again natural new freedom to compassionately care for the whole of well being.
While high above this heaven's miracle, those eagles are at it again: expanding consciousness
Getting the first bite on the real issues - standing in the shadow of ancient ones thrusting into the sun
Flowers slipping through the cracks growing in front of your eyes
Beyond fear's circling stratosphere, into your heart's deepest aspirations
Formed from the first human beings in the dark recesses of your mind.
Now imagine you are becoming the Green Party embraced within a growing fabric of life
Becoming something so real that your heart filled love gives birth to the second coming
Of Ralph Nader for President along with Winnona LaDuke for Vice President nurturing
Yet another circle of eagles metamorphosing into you and me ready to make the difference.
lloyd marbet, 8-28-00