In continuing to begin, what is willed becomes!

Our nature becoming.
Finding each other.
A journey upon ourselves,
manifesting itself
in this mystery unfolding,
joining our needs
into one.
Our children becoming.
Carrying this symbol,
creating a statement
from what grows in the heart,
Neither more nor less the miracle of life
joining our needs
into love.
This wedding becoming,
Hope giving birth to aspiration,
pushing upward into greater achievement.
Drinking the waters of life
in an eternal promise,
joining our sacred
into thirst.
This confirmation becoming.
A prayer for great spirit
healing the earth and sowing the seeds of well being,
giving thanks to those who have come before,
making our lives possible,
joining their courage
into going beyond,
Gathering and Brian,
"Long life and well being in the journey."
With love for my daughter and the promise of love in  my new son, lloyd
marbet, 9/2/01