Remotely Killing Ourselves

There are no reports of bombs dropping in Iraq
broadcast live from Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

No ringside accounts from journalists
in Baghdad's sideline gallery,
complete with flashing lights in the distance
and drifting clouds of debris.

Nor does Mr. Roger's friends make Pentagon reports
of Military Success Rates
or the dwindling number of Cruise missiles,
as our President battles impeachment
with the lives of Iraqi people.

There are no Desert Foxes on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
or children's songs
about deterring weapons of mass destruction
with more weapons of mass destruction;
using good bombs to show pictures of peace.

Sadly Mr. Roger only talks about  love.

While outside the neighborhood,
a hatred is born in a people suffering sanctions;
creating vengeance in generations of children
who will be coming in wrath for our own.

Lloyd Marbet 12/17/98