The Oregonian Candidate Questionnaire:

Lloyd Marbet

53 years old, 7/16/47

Caretaker, Citizen Activist, Program Manager for the Oregon Conservancy Foundation. See resume at

One year of college.

Public Service: Long time citizen activist: opposing the Vietnam War; intervening against the licensing and operation of nuclear power plants; and defending Oregon's initiative and referendum process. 1966-1967 U.S. Navy; 1986-1994 Citizens Utility Board; 1996-2000 Clackamas River Basin Council.

I am not married.

I have two children, my daughter, Gathering Marbet, who is 30 years old and my son, Tai Morgan-Marbet who is 13 years old.

My favorite leisure activity is rafting Oregon's rivers and streams, also gardening.

The last book I read was David Korten's "When Corporations Rule the World."

Why do you want this Job?

I am running for Secretary of State: to help bring real election campaign finance reform to Oregon; to protect Oregon's Initiative and Referendum Process; to stop the corporatization of democracy and prevent the gerrymandering of election districts. In other words to put integrity back into Oregon's election process.

What is your most significant accomplishments in public service?

Opposing the Vietnam War. Stopping the licensing of the Pebble Springs Nuclear Plants and the operation of Trojan Nuclear Plant, along with removal of Teledyne Wah Chang's radioactive waste ponds off the flood plain of the Willamette River. Protecting Oregon's initiative process by helping defeat Ballot Measure's 24 and 79.

How would you increase voter participation in Oregon.

What message do citizens get when the Secretary of State's race costs a million dollars: voters reduced to mere consumers of political advertising with votes a commodity to be bought and sold! Oregon needs real campaign finance reform. Prohibiting corporate contributions and placing reasonable contribution limits on individuals, restores democracy.

Would you propose changes in the initiative system? Why or why not?

I would facilitate the legislative powers of the people. For example on my website is the Marbet Plan responding to the recent court decision destroying our right to collect signatures at shopping centers. Drafting proposed initiative laws could also be improved by giving initiative sponsors voluntary access to Legislative Counsel.