League of Women Voters of Oregon Education Fund

Candidates Questionnaire - November 2000 General Election

Lloyd Marbet
19142 SE Bakers Ferry Rd.
Boring, Oregon 97009

Prior Experience:

Caretaker. Program Manager for Oregon Conservancy Foundation. Resume at www.marbet.org. One year of college. Citizen activist: opposing Vietnam War; intervening against licensing and operation of nuclear power plants; and defending Oregon's initiative and referendum process.

  1. How would you address statewide problems with maintaining more accurate and consistent voter registration rolls?
The current county-based system results in disenfranchising voters who move between counties without updating their registrations. I would centralize and computerize all voter registrations. "Inactive" voters are currently being denied their constitutional right to sign petitions in Oregon. Instead, their signatures and new addresses on petitions should be used to update their records. Voters should be allowed to update their records via fax or the Internet, using appropriate security protocols.
  1. If necessary, how would you structure the process of redrawing the boundaries of election districts so as not to favor any political party?
I have no vested interest in favoring either major party in redrawing boundaries, which should be a nonpartisan process with a nonpartisan result. In fact, I am the best insurance policy Democrats and Republicans have against gerrymandering. One, hopefully both of them, is going to lose this election. Through well advertised public hearings, I would seek advice on how best to redraw the boundaries and respect existing city and county boundaries where possible.
  1. What challenges do you foresee for your office if Measure 6 on Campaign Finance Reform passes?
I would lobby the Legislature to provide the funding promised by Measure 6, but not from state run gambling revenues. As a statutory measure, 6's implementation is up to, and can be changed, by the Legislature. I would persistently alert voters regarding candidates abiding by the voluntary limits. If Measure 98 passes, I'd seek to defend Measure 6 in court against the contention that public funding of campaigns is invalid under 98 (a constitutional amendment).