How long do you think the Legislature will continue to try and restrict the initiative process
instead of addressing the real issues of concern to the people of Oregon?

Vote Yes on 96

Since 1995, the Legislature has sponsored hundreds of bills to make it more difficult to exercise our constitutional right to the initiative and referendum process. In 1996, they brought us Measure 24, proposing to amend the Constitution, requiring an equal amount of the signatures be gathered from each of Oregon's congressional districts before an initiative could be placed on the ballot. In 2000, they brought us Measure 79, seeking to dramatically increase the number of signatures required to put constitutional amendments on the ballot. Both of these measures were defeated by an overwhelming vote of the people..

It's clear that the Legislature is not getting the message!

The initiative and referendum process is a vital check and balance to a Legislature controlled by vested interests. These same vested interests are behind the Legislature's repeated efforts to restrict the initiative process. Measure 96 puts a stop to this by preventing the Legislature from:

Our government is based on the separations of power in order to prevent it from being concentrated in the hands of the few. The initiative and referendum process will always be in jeopardy as long as the Legislature can restrict it. Measure 96 places any proposed restrictions on the initiative process in the hands of the People, where it belongs. In the end you decide!

Vote yes on 96

Coalition for Initiative Rights

Lloyd Marbet
Candidate for Secretary of State
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