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Saturday, September 11, 2004



I have hired the law firm of Reeves, Kahn and Hennessy to file a complaint in Multnomah County Circuit Court for the State of Oregon against retainourboard.org, an unincorporated association, located at a post office box address in Donald, Oregon. (See attached Complaint.) My purpose in doing this is to stop the people responsible for this website from repeatedly making the blatantly false statement that my “current occupation” is that of an “incarcerated political activist.” This is being deliberately done to damage my reputation and harm my campaign for the Supervisory Committee of Columbia Credit Union.

Thus far I have not been able to identify who the individuals and organizations are, that are responsible for this website, and due to its repeated effort to not only distort the truth but conduct character assassination and guilt by association, I have also been forced to have an ad printed in The Columbian Newspaper today in order to try and set the record straight. This newspaper serves the city of Vancouver, Washington, where Columbia Credit Union is located and most of its members reside.

I am a citizen, living in a country whose very birth and most redeeming changes have been based on activism. In the course of following this example by promoting economic and environmental justice, I have been subjected to the unfortunate reality of being placed under arrest and put in jail. In doing so, I have never been convicted of any crime. Now I find that not only am I victimized by retainourboard.org, but through their efforts to paint guilt by association, other credit union members, who joined together to form SaveCCU and save Columbia Credit Union from being converted into a mutual bank, have also been victimized.

When we assert our rights as citizens of the United States of America, it should not mean that any of us can be victimized more easily than someone who does not assert their rights. Nor should others, who associate with me, be subjected to insinuation or innuendo. As a candidate for the Supervisory Committee of Columbia Credit Union, I believe that all candidates and credit union members should be treated with dignity and not be subjected to this kind of treatment. It is for this reason that I am taking this action today.