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For Immediate Release: September 26, 2000
Contact: Gabriel Larson, (503) 771-7254


Bill Bradbury claims that he is the only Secretary of State candidate supporting Ballot Measure 6 as well as the only candidate posting his campaign contributions on his web site. According to Pacific Green Party candidate Lloyd Marbet, its time to set the record straight:

  1. "I support Ballot Measure 6 and signed the petition when it was being circulated. Throughout I have stated my concern that it does not go far enough in providing campaign finance reform. "

  3. "I have not only posted my campaign contributions on my web site but I also have posted the campaign contributions for both Bill Bradbury and Lynn Snodgrass, with a a summary of total contributions made to Libertarian candidate Ed Pole."
Except for Ed Pole, Marbet's website shows the extent to which each candidate is financed by contributors of $1000 or greater. According to Marbet:

"This is real campaign finance disclosure and the kind of information that should be provided by the Secretary of State for all election campaigns. I have directed my Campaign Manager, Gabriel Larson, to keep this analysis updated throughout this election and I am seeking help to provide a similar analysis of other statewide races so this information can be made available to the public through my website."