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For Immediate Release: September 13th, 2000
Contact: Gabriel Larson, (503) 771-7254


Lloyd Marbet, the Pacific Green Party candidate for Secretary of State, accepts Bradbury's challenge for all Secretary of State candidates to release contributor information on the Internet and Marbet issued his own challenge:

"We must do more than disclose how elections are bought and sold in Oregon. Oregon needs real campaign finance reform and it needs to begin with each and every candidate who is running for office. Bradbury's posting of his contributor information is all hot air and no substance. I challenge him, Lynn Snodgrass and Ed Pole to abide by the campaign finance restrictions I have imposed on my own campaign--no money from corporations, no money from PACs, and no individual contributions above $1000."
Marbet believes these self imposed restrictions will challenge the corporatization of democracy in Oregon.. Under the present system for financing elections, Political Action Committees (PACs) thwart campaign finance restrictions. Until this is changed, Marbet believes no money should be accepted from PACs, other than from a candidate's political party which should be limited up to $5,000. As for individual campaign contributions, a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upheld a limit of $1,200 on individual campaign contributions in Missouri. Marbet's self imposed limit is a $1000. "It is obvious to me that, as big money controls the outcome of election campaigns, voters are pushed to the sidelines, reduced to mere consumers of political advertising. Votes have become a commodity to be bought and sold to the highest bidder. That is not how democracy works. That is how it falls apart."


Lloyd Marbet for SOS

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Campaign Manager: Gabriel Larson

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